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          Useful numbers: 常用电话号码

          Waiting room and ladies 女厕

          Way out 出口

          woman's lavatory 女厕所

          Office 办公室

          Air quality improvement area 空气质量净化区

          All visitors must report to office 来客必须到办公室登记。

          All visitors please report to the gate warder 来客请到门房登记。

          Anyone caught using this lift will be removed from this lift 发现用此电梯者将被清走。

          Business office 商务办公室

          Close the door behind you 请随手关门

          Demonstration available 可以进行演示

          Electrically operated gate 电动门

          Floor cleaning in progress 正在清扫地板

          Front entrance 前门入口

          For your convenience we are open 7 days a week. 为了方便你,我们每周7天开放。

          Head office 总部

          Interview in progress 正在面试

          Lift out of order 电梯发生故障

          Lift out of use 电梯停止使用

          Meeting in progress, quiet please 正在开会,请保持安静。

          No food is to be consumed in this area.此处不准吃食物。

          No littering 勿乱扔废弃物

          No smoking in this area 此处禁止吸烟

          No smoking in this lift 电梯内禁止吸烟

          Office to let 办公室出租

          Please close the door on leaving 离开时请关门

          Please do not help yourself 不要随便拿东西。

          Please do not help yourself to books from this shelf 请不要随便从架子上取书籍。

          Please ensure that this door is closed top & bottom 请确保此门上下关紧。

          Please keep this office tidy and use the bins provided 请保持办公室整洁,使用所提供的垃圾箱

          Please wait here for enquiries请在此等候咨询。

          This is a smoke free building 楼内禁止吸烟

          We do not buy at this door 谢绝推销

          Restaurant and Pub 餐馆酒吧

          Air conditioned 空调开放

          Daily specials 每日特色菜

          Drinks purchased are for taken away only 饮料仅供外卖

          Eat in or take away 店内吃或外卖

          Please ask to taste 欢迎品尝

          Please wait here or take advantage until our hostess escorts to your table. 请稍等或自便,主人会领你入座。

          Superb cuisine and wide selection of drinks. 美味佳肴,各种饮料

          Take away service available 提供外卖

          Today's special/Today's specialties 今日特色菜

          Try our summer range of food 品尝夏季各种食品

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